Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hi, It's me again; Coach Collins chiming in during the heat of the summer and the heat of the track and field season. One would think that things would be rather slow in a non-Olympic year, but the way I see it, the atmosphere is highly charged and amped up for some great track & field stories. And boy, do I have plenty. For example, barely over a year ago I wrote an article that made print into the TRACK&FIELD NEWS about the abandonment of collegiate track and field athletes going pro early. One in particular that came to mind was former Mississippi prep star and Texas recruit Bianca Knight, who barely completed her first indoor season before she bolted to professional status and left before the outdoor season. At the time, I had my own personal reason for wanting Ms. Knight to stay. A good friend of mine, Alexandria Anderson, who also attended Texas was an All-American and a junior when Knight decided to forgo college and pursue the money. I still can not help but think what a great team Texas would have been if Knight would have stayed.

Let's fast forward to the present. Since the departure of Knight, I felt the Texas women's team was sort of under a cloud that affected not only Anderson, but the entire program. However, I am pleased to say that Anderson renewed my faith in collegiate athletics with her completing college in 4 years and becoming the 2009 100m NCAA CHAMP!!!. That my friends, brings pride to us never-die track enthusiasts. I'm ever so proud to have followed a great talent such as Alexandria Anderson all the way from when she was 10 years old winning youth races to see her not only win a national championship, but qualify for the US National Team at the National Championships. Alexandria, where ever you are right now, I can't wait to see you on TV doing your thing in Berlin at the World Championships! God Bless You.

By the way she hasn't let the newfound fame get to her head. What do you think she did soon after making the National Team? Why she came back home of course and spoke to 30-40 intently listening young aspiring track&field campers at the Chicago Strider's Camp. That's why track is the Truth!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Alexandria Anderson NCAA 100m Champion Hung Out with the Striders!

Alexandria Anderson , 2009 member of the U.S. National Track & Field Team and 2009 Graduate of University of Texas came out to our track camp to talk to our young athletes! I have known Alex and her family for years so it is fantastic to see her come full circle! She articulated words of encouragement to the young aspiring track stars and told them to "never let go of their dreams"

Alexandria represents the best and the brightest of Chicago's Track & Field community and We wish her the best of luck in the World Track & Field Championships in August. ~Coach Collins